Just a reminder that interim reports are available on the  portal of our school website.  They are under the LEARNING tab.  A link has been sent out to all families of our new students. If your child has only recently been enrolled in Turua School there will not be a mid year report.  We will be having parent interviews when we return in term 3 to enable parents to catch up with teachers and discuss their child’s learning and achievement.  If you have any difficulty in accessing your child’s report please do not hesitate to stop in the first week back of term 3 so that I can take you through the parent portal.


We have received our confirmed ERO report and we should be particularly proud of the many strengths identified in our school.  Below are some extracts from the report with the full report available shortly at

Key strengths of the school
For sustained improvement and future learner success, the school can draw on existing strengths in:

  • governance that is providing clarity of direction and ongoing school improvement
  •  leadership that is inclusive, promotes student well-being and is focused on improving student achievement
  •  teaching strategies that effectively support the diverse learning needs of targeted students
  •  a school community that is engaged in reciprocal and respectful relationships.

How well is the school achieving equitable and excellent outcomes for all its students?
Turua Primary School is working towards achieving equitable and excellent outcomes for all of its students. The school’s data for 2018 indicates that most students are achieving within or above expected curriculum levels in reading, mathematics and for the majority of students in writing. School achievement data for 2018 also shows that girls and boys are achieving at comparable levels in mathematics and reading. However, girls are achieving significantly better than boys in writing. Māori students are achieving better than other students in mathematics, similar to their peers in reading and at lower rates in writing

How well is the school accelerating learning for those Māori and other students who need this?
The school responds effectively to Māori and other students whose learning and achievement need acceleration. School-wide collated and analysed student achievement information shows significant acceleration in reading, writing and mathematics for targeted students.
What school processes and practices are effective in enabling achievement of equity and excellence, and acceleration of learning?
Students participate and learn in a caring and inclusive learning community. An holistic curriculum engages students in a variety of learning opportunities and broadens their experiences

Teachers use a range of effective teaching strategies to support the diverse learning needs of targeted students.

Recently reviewed and updated individual development plans are responsive to targeted students’ learning needs. One of the reasons the rates for acceleration are comparatively high is that there has been a strategically aligned process to closely focus on acceleration for these students. The school accesses appropriate external agencies to support students with learning and behaviour needs.

Effective bicultural practices are well supported by the Hauraki Kāhui Ako.

The collaborative and reflective senior leadership team is successfully promoting clear school direction and vision.

The board is committed to making decisions that will improve student outcomes

Parent/school partnership enrich opportunities for students to develop confidence and resilience.

For sustained improvement and future learner success, priorities for further development are in:

  •  strengthening student agency to improve student knowledge of their own learning
  • professional learning and development to improve student achievement in mathematics
  • annual targets to focus more specifically on acceleration for at-risk learners.


5 JulyLast day of Term 2
22 JulyFirst Day Term 3
22-25 JulyChick Flicks – (see below for more information)



At last Friday’s assembly the following students were awarded certificates

Room 2


Jayden for brilliant leadership at the Marae.
Room 4

Ika iti

Mia for quietly getting on with the job.
Room 7


Nathan for being a great self managing and focused leader.
Room 8



Ariana for a positive attitude towards her learning

VirtuesBella for being good in class
Kaitaki Role ModelEmily R



Hi everyone another chick flick is on the way.  If you can assist please contact Carl 0272376494

Monday 22/07/19   shed 202 at  8.30 am and  shed 203 at 9.45 am

Tuesday 23/07/19   shed 204 at 9.45 am,   shed 205  at 11.30 am and shed 206 at 1.30 pm

Thursday 25/07/19  shed 207 at 10.15 am

Thanks in advance for your help with this PTA fundraiser.

If you need any help or have any questions regarding Chick Flicks please give Carl a call.



The photo life photos are finally here and have been given to your children today if you placed an order, so check the school bags.


School holiday check-in  Netsafe   from Constable  Catherine Sell – School Community Officer

With the school holidays nearly here and with kids likely spending more time on devices, it’s a good time to check-in with your child about online safety. We know regular proactive conversations at home helps to minimise the damage if things go wrong online.

Research shows parents are critical to the success of young people becoming safe and capable in their use of digital technology. Asking your child about what they do, how they use devices and who they talk to helps you understand what they know about staying safe. Showing an interest also makes it easier to have more difficult conversations if challenge arise.

If other people are looking after your children these holidays make a plan so everybody knows what your kids are allowed to do online and for how long they’re allowed to do it.

In just one month, the Network for Learning has blocked 300,000 searches for pornographic material in schools. We know that young people can see inappropriate, offensive or illegal content online – even if they haven’t sought it out. Most parents would agree that parenting can be challenging at the best of times, and these types of experiences can be particularly challenging. Netsafe has some advice on how parents can have a conversation with their child about pornography as well as other handy tips.



Invoices will be emailed out tomorrow to all families with outstanding balances. Please make payment or set up an auto payment as soon as possible.  If you have any queries in regards to your account please speak to Maree or send an email and I will get back to you in Term 3.

Riddle me a Riddle

Last weeks was: David’s father has three sons : Snap, Crackle and _____ ?                     

Answer: David (Who said Pop)


This week:  I’m as light as a feather, yet the strongest man can’t hold me for more than 5 minutes. What am I?


To our brilliant PTA for the delicious Nacho Lunch yesterday and to the many families who supported it.

Also a huge thank you to Rural Women Turua who gave a generous donation to purchase ingredients for the lunch. Thank you!

If you are interested in joining the PTA or just finding out what they do, you are very welcome to attend their meetings, which are advertised in the newsletter.


To our students Jayden, Leah and Leah for the lovely job they did sorting out Room 1, with table protectors for art and painted pots and plants. Looks great!



Calf Club – already!! Hard to believe it but it’s nearly time to start looking for animals. This year we will be including calves again as well as the usual lambs and kids. (And of course our DIY animals) Animals must be born between July 1 and August 31. Calf Club entry forms will be available next term. Please take on board the following information. These considerations are being followed by everyone in our group. If you have any questions please contact the office.

Due to bio security reasons the following rules apply for calves this year:
•       Must be from a local farm and be able to produce a bulk milk test letter that states that Mycoplasma Bovis was not detected.
•       If calves are going to be consuming milk from a different farm than they were born on, then you must be able to produce a bulk milk test letter that states that Mycoplasma Bovis was not detected on the milk. It is recommended that milk powder is used if the animal is not getting feed milk from the original farm.
•       Calves are not to be purchased from the Sale yards

On our entry form we will be asking what farm the calf has come from, where it will be reared and if it is drinking milk or powder. We will need this information for any calves that come to group day please. If we aren’t happy with any information we may exclude the animal, this will also be for our own day. On the day we will keep all ‘farms’ separate plus  keep calves from been together before they enter the ring.


Franklin Vets Kopu would like to offer our services and product free of charge for all children entering calves, lambs and goats for Calf Club Day this year.

Lambs/Goats: We will dock and vaccinate with Ultravac 5 in 1.

Calves:  We will worm-drench with Dectomax and Vaccinate with Ultravac 6 in 1.

We also provide discounted debudding for calves and kid goats ($15.00 per animal) – parents will need to organise by contacting the clinic.

For bookings/information contact Kopu Clinic 07 8685007




Click link for further information on dates, and ticket purchase

The Developing Brain – Newsletter Flyer Thames (1)



Thames Swim Cool Swim School.

Next week Monday 1st of July till Friday the 5th of July is enrollment week for all new enrollments.  Bring your child/children in for an assessment any time between 3pm and 5pm or phone the pool and ask to speak to Kat to arrange an appointment.