Welcome to Term 3 and a special welcome to our new families that have joined Turua School.  Doesn’t our new sign and fence look great!  A big thank you to Gavin Lee who donated much of his time to make this happen and Louden Construction for the fabulous job completed.

Thank you too to our caretaker Greg and Kim Radisich for keeping our grounds in tip top condition over the holidays. This is never an easy job over the winter period.
I am sure many of you and your children have been up early over the holiday period watching the exciting games of different sporting codes that New Zealand competed in, of which, many were nail biters! A special congratulations to the Silver Ferns who took gold in the World Netball Championship.
Hopefully between the rain showers, you were all able to spend quality time with your children during the holiday period. The students are excited to get into what will be an action-packed term, full of many exciting opportunities including Cross Country, Speech Competition and the Science Fair. Kate Butterfield joins us in Mangopare this term and we look forward to Kate being a part of our team.

Just a reminder that if you are having difficulty accessing your child’s report, just stop in and I will be available to help you.


Our numbers continue to grow in Mangopare and Kaitaki so the Board has employed Amy Rakich to support the learning in the afternoons 3 days per week.  Amy already works with the year 5 and 6 students four mornings per week.


19 AugustTurua School Cross Country
22 AugustParent Teacher and Child Interviews
28 AugustHauraki Plains Cross Country
4 SeptThames Valley Cross Country
9-13 SeptTurua School Speeches Week
16-20 SeptHauraki Plains Speeches Week
19 SeptScience Fair -Judging in by Morning Tea
27 SeptLast Day of Term 3



At the last assembly in Term 2   the following students were awarded certificates

Room 2


Zaylia for persistence with her inquiry based work.

Damian for consistency with his homework.

Room 4

Ika iti

All of Room 4 for being an awesome team.
Room 7


Felix for a fantastic step by step learning on his art work.
Room 8


Michael for making good choices
VirtuesJack for making sure he was prepared for Bible and making good decisions where to sit.
CansOllie L, Jade, Laura, Leah R, Ronald, Jayden, Aysha.


At the final assembly for term 2 the following students received Citizen of the Term awards.

Room 2 Kaitaki   – Ethan

Room 4 Ika iti   –  Jazmyn

Room 7 Patika   – Jade

Room 8 Mangopare   – Anessa

100% attendance certificates were awarded to:

Anessa, Oliana,Kara,Ben,Hazel,Ivy, Tiana.

Congratulations to you all.


We have had four cases of chicken pox reported, some during the school holidays and a couple of children away at present from Room 4

Please check the link below for symptoms and treatment as per Southern Cross NZ



The Medical Officer of Health has been notified of a confirmed case of measles in Thames. Some household members of this case are now in quarantine in case they develop measles. It appears that this person may have been exposed in the vicinity of the McDonald’s at Goldfields Mall in Thames at the beginning of the school holidays (early July).

People who were in the vicinity of McDonald’s Goldfields in Thames at the beginning of the school holidays and were also exposed to measles would already have it by now, and anyone who was there around the dates and times listed below are at risk of developing and spreading measles (if they are not immune):

  • Sunday 14 July from 4pm to 9pm
  • Wednesday 17 July from 6am to 8:30am

Anyone who thinks they may have measles should telephone their doctor or Healthline (0800 611-116). If you need to be seen it is important to call ahead because measles is highly infectious and people with measles can infect others in waiting rooms, etc.

Waikato DHB Medical Officer of Health Dr Richard Hoskins is urging people to catch up on measles immunisations and to take appropriate action if they think they might have measles. “There is already a lot of measles in NZ this year, and about one in five of young adults (15-40) missed out on full immunisation, so anyone born after 1 January 1969 who does not have records of two measles immunisations or a blood test showing immunity should catch up on MMR at their GP now” he says. MMR catch up is free.

“Measles is easily passed from one person to another. The best form of protection is immunisation with two MMRs,” said Dr Hoskins.

“It is important to be aware of the symptoms of measles and what to do if you think you or a family member has measles. If you were exposed look out for fever and a runny nose, or cough, or sore red eyes. After a few days a red blotchy rash develops and lasts up to one week. The rash usually starts on the face and spreads to the rest of the body.”

Public Health are working to identify and inform people who may have been exposed to measles but in a setting like McDonald’s and Goldfields it is impossible to identify and contact everyone who passes through. Contacts who are not immune to measles are advised to stay at home and away from all public places, school or work for 14 days after their last contact, or until their immunity is proven.

Measles can be very serious and spreads very easily.

People who are regarded as not immune to measles are:

  • People younger than 50 years old (born after 01 January 1969) who have not had two doses of the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine or have not had a laboratory result showing immunity
  • Children over four years old who have not received their second dose of MMR vaccine
  • Infants under the age of 15 months who have not received their first routine dose of MMR vaccine. They are susceptible and rely on everyone else to be immune so that measles does not spread to them.



We have a few overdue library books! So can you please check at home (usual places – under the bed, behind the couch, in the car) and if you find one please return it to the library. Mrs Gillingham would really appreciate it.



Catalogues were sent home this week, please have orders and payment into the office by Monday August 5th. You can also order directly through the Scholastic Book Clubs LOOP portal.



Calf Club – already!! Hard to believe it but it’s nearly time to start looking for animals. This year we will be including calves again as well as the usual lambs and kids. (And of course our DIY animals) Animals must be born between July 1 and August 31. Calf Club entry forms will be available next week from the office. Please take on board the following information. These considerations are being followed by everyone in our group. If you have any questions please contact the office.

Due to bio security reasons the following rules apply for calves this year:
•       Must be from a local farm and be able to produce a bulk milk test letter that states that Mycoplasma Bovis was not detected.
•       If calves are going to be consuming milk from a different farm than they were born on, then you must be able to produce a bulk milk test letter that states that Mycoplasma Bovis was not detected on the milk. It is recommended that milk powder is used if the animal is not getting feed milk from the original farm.
•       Calves are not to be purchased from the Sale yards

On our entry form we will be asking what farm the calf has come from, where it will be reared and if it is drinking milk or powder. We will need this information for any calves that come to group day please. If we aren’t happy with any information we may exclude the animal, this will also be for our own day. On the day we will keep all ‘farms’ separate plus  keep calves from being together before they enter the ring.


Franklin Vets Kopu would like to offer our services and product free of charge for all children entering calves, lambs and goats for Calf Club Day this year.

Lambs/Goats: We will dock and vaccinate with Ultravac 5 in 1.

Calves:  We will worm-drench with Dectomax and Vaccinate with Ultravac 6 in 1.

We also provide discounted debudding for calves and kid goats ($15.00 per animal) – parents will need to organise by contacting the clinic.

For bookings/information contact Kopu Clinic 07 8685007




Ngatea Primary Kids First Quiz Night


Waitakaruru School Hunt 4 Kidz

30th August to 1st September Entry forms available from Waitakaruru School.  For further information check out the link below or see poster in school office window.

Waitakaruru School Hunting poster 2019 (1)


Thames Air Cadets Recruitment Evening

Wednesday 31st July 7-8pm.
Thames airfield, Ngati Maru Highway, Thames
For students Year 8 and over. Come down and see what we’re all about. Bring your parents and your friends, play some games, find out more about what we do and how you can be involved.
Find us on Facebook.

Riddle me a Riddle



Last  week:  I’m as light as a feather, yet the strongest man can’t hold me for more than 5 minutes. What am I?

Answer: Your breath.

This week: What word begins and ends with an E but only has one letter?