Gaming is everywhere and recently some parents have shared their concerns about their children on gaming sites and the types of interaction occurring.  Parental monitoring is crucial in keeping our children safe. Many mobile games are played online and can have a multiplayer option where gamers can interact with their friends, as well as strangers all over the world.  Many also have private messaging features.  The Board of Trustees has recently implemented Hapara Highlights in years 4 – 8 which enables teachers to track students’ web activity and makes it visible and immediately actionable for teachers and administrators while at school.

Here are Netsafe’s top tips for parents wanting to keep their children safe while they play online games:

  1. Set up parental controls:
    Both mobile and traditional gaming platforms offer parental control features or apps which requires you to okay any game your child tries to download.
  2. Set boundaries:
    Talk to your child about the game before they get started and set some boundaries about how many hours you think it is appropriate for them to play the game each week. It’s also a good idea to discuss appropriate online behaviour and the expectations you have of their own online conduct. Remind them that they should never share any personal or private details with someone they meet online.
  3. Make a plan for if something goes wrong:
    It’s important to talk with your child about the types of behaviour they may experience from other players while playing the game – unfortunately some of this may be negative. Make sure they know how to use any blocking and reporting features and let them know that they can always talk to you if they encounter something that makes them feel uncomfortable or upset.
  4. Check in:
    Check in with your kids when they’re playing games and show interest in their progress. Ask how they are going and if they have any concerns about other players. Note any changes in behaviour or sleeping patterns, or if they start talking a lot about a new friend they met in the game.

For more information on online gaming advice visit

Screen Time

The internet has changed the way we work, rest and play. With so many ways to connect many parents worry about how much time their children spend online.

Here are Netsafe’s top tips for parents wanting to manage how much time their children spend online:

  • Not all time spent online is made equal – time spent passively consuming is not as constructive as time spent creating or learning online. Talk to your children about what kinds of activities they are doing online and base your screen time limits on this.
  • Set boundaries – try to set limits on the amount of time they spend doing certain activities online as soon as they get the device, this makes it easier later on. You can also look into using parental controls or scheduling or restricting access via the router.
  • Model good behaviour – agree limits on technology use and make sure you stick to them too! This could be no devices at the dinner table or no answering emails after a certain time at night.
  • If your child’s technology use is affecting their ability to take part in normal activities (such as sleeping, doing their homework or doing other hobbies) or changed their behaviour at school or at home then it’s important you look at managing their technology use.

Sharing Images Safely

Social media makes it easy to share photos of your children with friends and family around the world. If you’re thinking about sharing a photo of your child online Netsafe has some tips about how to do so safely:

  1. Look ahead
    It’s worth taking some time to think about the digital footprint you are creating for your child by posting images or other content about them online. Think about how your child might feel about the content you’re sharing once they’re older and how it may affect their future.
  2. Ask for permission
    Does the photo you’re about to post include other people’s children? It’s best if you ask their parents for permission before you post a photo online. If your children are old enough consider asking them if they’re ok for you to share it before you post a photo as well.
  3. Check your privacy settings
    If you’re thinking about sharing a photo of your child on social media it’s important that you first check what privacy settings you have set up. Some social media networks default to public or more open privacy settings when you sign up so make sure what you’re posting can only be seen by the people you’d like to see it.
  4. Think about who you’ve got in your friend network
    A lot of people have social media networks that include people they aren’t close to anymore. Make sure you are happy with everyone in your social media friend network seeing the photo – if you’re not sure or if you’d prefer to share it only with a smaller group consider setting up a private social network group with friends and family or a group chat.
  5. Is there any personal information in the picture?
    Before you hit post, have another close look at the photo to make sure you’re not revealing any personal information about yourself or your child. Some things to look out for include: the name of your child’s school, your road or house number or any other personal or private information.

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19 MarchHockey Big Day Out
20 MarchNetball have a go day.
25 MarchParent  Teacher & Student Interviews
27 MarchSchool Try-athon
1 AprilYr 7/8 Immunisations
9th AprilLast Day Term 1



Have you returned your form?

Have you paid ?

Please if your child is attending Hockey Big Day out return form and payment of $10.00 ASAP.     

Payment can be made directly to our bank account.   BNZ Turua School 02-0316-0127016-00  Use your child’s name as a reference.




Turua School runs an after school programme. Monday – Friday 3.00pm – 5.30pm.

Cost: $10 per day if attending 3 or more days, otherwise $15 per day.

This programme is OSCAR funded for working families.(you will need to check with WINZ if you are eligible for funding).

There are two Teacher Aides running this programme each day and the children do a variety of activities.  Homework, swimming, baking, crafts, games etc.

Please feel free to drop into Room 6 one afternoon and check it out.  Megan, Estelle or Kay can answer all your questions, otherwise contact Maree in the office.



Accounts have been sent out this week to those families with amounts outstanding from 2019. Many thanks to all those families who have now paid or have spoken to me and arranged a payment plan.

All unpaid accounts, or accounts that have not had a payment plan put in place, will be forwarded to the next BOT meeting.

Please speak to Maree if you wish to organise an automatic payment or if you are having difficulty paying your account.  All account information is confidential.

Our Bank Account details are on the invoice you will be emailed, please use your child’s name as a reference when paying.



Catalogues were sent home Tuesday, orders and payment into the office by next Thursday 19th March.

Don’t forget you can order online through scholastic loop portal.




The PTA Easter Raffle is coming!

Children will be sent home with more information and tickets this week.

Please support this as it raises funds for nice new resources for the children.      

In the mean time start sending in some goodies  – to the office.

All donation of chocolate eggs and chocolate and Easter related items gratefully received.

And best of all you get the following weeks newsletters full of eggciting and eggceptional egg words!

Also we will be running the competition again this year for the best egg or Easter related joke or pun.  So get your thinking caps on and drop them into the office.



Yes we are still running the can recycling project.  Please drop cans to the recycle area behind the cleaners shed.  When we have a large amount we sell them to the Scrap Metal Man.

Here is a photo from Rachael Wenzlick.  Uncle Dave has been collecting cans for us. (He forgot Damian has gone to college).

Thanks Uncle Dave , keep up the good work, we appreciate it.


The school has accumulated a large pile of garden waste.  Some is compostable and some would need to be burnt.

If you can help us diminish the pile it would be appreciated, as it will be an ever increasing pile. Please come and take what you want. (just the garden waste, not the pile of mulch). Many thanks.





 To Chris Gillingham (Merren’s son) for the donation of  pens to the school.  We really appreciate it, especially the office staff as everyone knows teachers are the biggest pen pinchers in the school.




Please check below link for Junior Netball Club details.


Netball 1

Hauraki Plains Soccer Club Information

Hauraki Plains Junior Soccer club Muster 2020 flyer




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