Teachers have been impressed with the work ethic of many of our students and we want to celebrate your efforts with a new award at level 3.  The Digi Award.  This week each class has selected their first Digi winners.  Congratulations!  A big thank you goes out to our parents for supporting their children with online learning too!!

Ika ItiMiaConsistently posting work over the first week.
PātikiSophia Being an enthusiastic and consistent online learner.
Te Wheke 


Being actively involved in online learning and keeping positive.


Consistently engaging with our new digital learning programme. He is trying new things, following instructions and always checks in at our daily Google Meet. Great participation Aiden!

Showing motivation and self management in her digital learning. She is trying new ways to share her learning and is completing tasks in Google classroom. Excellent self management  Ivy!

KaitakiTe Tahi


We are so impressed with our wonderful Kaitaki learners who are rising above the challenge of online learning and creating some amazing work.   However, we would like to acknowledge Te Tahi and Peyton for their consistent effort to complete work to a high standard.  Ka pai boys!

Thank you to all those who submitted their attendance surveys.  We will just catch up with the few remaining parents to confirm our plans for Level 3.  Those children attending may be onsite from Wednesday 29th April.  Please read the drop off and collection details below to ensure you meet our Health and Safety guidelines.



  1. All students/Parents must arrive through Raratuna entrance between 8.30 am – 8.50am. (No one onsite before 8.30am)
  2. Students go directly to class bubble on arrival – a staff member will meet and greet and direct students.  (Once we have confirmed numbers we will let parents know which classroom bubble their child will be in)
  3. 2-m distances to be adhered to (Family bubble can remain close together)
  4. Parents not to come onsite unless necessary
  5. No parents/caregivers in classrooms 

The same rules will apply with pick up with staff member releasing children as parent/bus arrive.  Those children going home with parents must be collected between 3.00pm 3.10pm.


  1. Principal to establish the bubble register – students/ staff/ physical spaces
  2. Student numbers and staff availability will determine bubble make up while onsite.
  3. Families to be kept together in the same bubble
  4. Staff and students to be kept 1m apart in the classroom. Staff will be able to comfort a student if required.
  5. Students will not go to the staffroom or classes outside their extended bubble unless it’s an emergency. 
  6. A bubble will be allocated a space with set furniture. 
    1. Students will have their own personal designated spot to sit.
    2. Each bubble to disinfect furniture daily
  7. All students will have a container to keep their personal equipment in.  
  8. Resources/devices will not be shared and will be sanitised daily by bubble.


  1. Bubble break times will be rostered to ensure social distancing is maintained.
  2. There will be no use of the playground or sandpit.
  3. Each learning bubble will have it’s own set of sports equipment which will be washed in soapy water after each break.


  1. Handwashing upon arrival at school and then often throughout the day.  Hand sanitiser available in every learning space.
  2. Staff will remind students about hygiene practices daily.
  3. Appropriate signage will be displayed around the school.