This week we had no students onsite and teachers continued to work remotely to support our learners.  A big thank you to our families for supporting the school in keeping students and teachers safe. Just a note that devices and hardpacks were ordered for all students who confirmed that they did not have access to a device.  If you think that you should have recieved a hard copy learning pack and haven’t as yet, you can notify your class teacher and we will get them made up on Monday for you to collect from the front deck.

Here is a cool Whanau Challenge for families who have not already done this!

2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule: Remember this time in history! A time capsule is like a message for
the future. As a whanau choose things which show your time during 2020 Covid- Lock Down.
You might like to include:
 An item of craft you have made
 A piece of writing
 A photo of your whanau
 Where were you when the Coronavirus happened?
 What were your favourite things?
 How did you connect with friends?
 What did you do to stay busy at home?
 How did you celebrate big occasions?
 What did you miss the most?
 What did you enjoy about staying at home?
 What were the challenges?
 What are your dreams and hopes for when this is all over?
 Your own ideas?
I wonder what sort of container you will put your treasures in? Will you bury your time capsule or just keep it in the cupboard for another time clearly labelled.


Ika ItiMacklinReally enjoying engaging in on-line learning. He brings a big smile to our daily morning meet and greets and loves sharing ideas and activities.
Being creative and using lots of different ways to learn her  ‘Spelling Word of the Day’
Te Wheke 


Always keeping in contact and making a huge effort in online learning.


Anessa is demonstrating her skills as a digital learner by communicating, completing tasks and sharing cool home projects as well. Keep it up Anessa! Ka wani kē koe!
Tristan is our Google Meet superstar. He has shown commitment to his learning by communicating and overcoming challenges to share his work. Ka mau te wehi!
KaitakiHannah/MarlowKaitaki continue to impress with their commitment to ‘Home Learning’.  This week we had amazing efforts from both Hannah and Marlow!