Welcome back!! I think our students are very happy to be back playing with their friends and learning in their classroom.  Teachers continued to be impressed with the learning activities our students engaged in throughout Level 3&4.  Alert levels are still unpredictable and we will publish some revised event planning/dates for you in next weeks newsletter.

Thank you to all those parents who have adhered to the Level 2 guidelines.  Please remember that parent’s are only to be onsite if absolutely necessary and there is no entry at all to the classrooms.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about Turua at Alert level 2.


Below are some answers to the questions which have been asked by our families

  • Lunches are still provided at Level 2
  • Technology still takes place at Hauraki Plains College for our senior students (Masks may be worn but are not mandatory)
  • Noah, our music teacher, will still tutor her students
  • In terms of our students, teachers and teacher aides mask wearing is not a requirement in the primary school setting. It remains an option for individuals and a decision for the individuals and whānau. Whatever decisions students and teachers make, it is their own to make and needs to be respected.  Where an individual chooses to use a face covering, they should supply and wear their own, and do so safely. This option applies to younger children too. It becomes an issue if the child plays with their mask or takes it on and off. In that situation the child is much better to not have any mask than to wear one inappropriately.
  • The Playgrounds will be open for use during school time. Our focus will be on washing hands before and after every break time. Physical Education classes and sports activities can include access to sports equipment, but hygiene practices should be observed after playing with equipment.
  • Drop off at school must occur between 8.15am and 8.55am. No students are to be on or around the school site before then.
  • The school day ends as usual at 3pm and all students must have left the school grounds by 3.10pm unless they are attending afterschool care
  • We will not be hosting schoolwide assemblies.


Here are some artworks done by our five children who attended school this week.
We talked about New Zealand native birds and studied some artworks before we created our own beautiful art!

 By Chelsea
 Chelsea works on her pastel on black paper.

  Our busy room with social distancing for Level 3.







By Isaac.

   Milly works on her water colour scene.

  Harry studies his owl picture as he works on his painting.   Valerie’s pastel and paint of Takahe and their nests.   Milly’s Pastel.


Star of the week


Here is a story Jorja has written using the interactive computer program called The Night Zoo Keeper.

The UFO attack!
One day a UFO crash landed in the middle of the Night Zoo. The animals didn’t notice they just kept on working. Then all of a sudden the alien stepped out his name was Bob. Bob was sent to earth to steal the powers of the Night Zoo no powers no Night Zoo no Night Zoo no animals and the Night Zoo will fade. Luckily the defenders of the Night Zoo stepped in and sent the alien back to planet gurgle. THE END!

By Jorja.

Night Zoo Keeper.


The change to level 2 is a positive move for calf club, fingers crossed that we make it to level 1 before October 26th! We hope everyone has been able to spend some time with their animals, and even make a start on a DIY piglet. Entries will be accepted until next Wednesday (the 15th), animals do need to have been born by Sept 1 though. If you have any questions please just ask.
There’s nothing like a pandemic to upset the proverbial apple cart! A large part of the fun on the day is the mystery bag raffles. We like to spread the love and have plenty of prizes 🎉 If you have something, or a service to offer please let us know, it’s a win-win situation. We appreciate the support of the Turua community in helping us fundraise towards resources for our school.



Holiday programme will be running the 2nd week of holidays (11th – 15th October) as long as we stay in level 2 or better yet level 1. From 8.30am – 4.30pm. Need to book in by Thursday 16th September please.


We have quite a few overdue library books, could we please have a look at home. Otherwise we will have to invoice you for them. Thanks