“Nau Mai, Haere Mai”

Welcome to Our Little Fish 

Te Ika Iti 

Cool Kids of Te Ika Iti

“Stay Cool ’til After School”

Term Two – Lockdown – Distance Learning

PLEASE NOTE:    Go to Learning Activities by scrolling down –  for more ideas to help learning at home during the Lockdown period. I will be taking specific lessons from these activities and posting on Class Dojo daily.

Please remember you need to be kind with yourselves as well as with each other at this  EXRA-ORDINARY time.

Our learning will be focused on working together at home, I will post daily reading, writing and maths activities which I will share on Class Dojo. Hopefully I can get Zoom working with you all, this will be a work in progress, so we can share some time together. Grab a cuppa and have a korero and maybe even a song together!


  • Enjoy this opportunity to be together – make time to play together
  • Keep learning activities light-hearted and fun
  • Do not stress about needing to get a task completed


  • Do baking together and have your children help to measure out ingredients 
  • Go for treasure hunts outside – make leaf or bark rubbings with crayons 
  • Dress up together
  • Build play huts in the lounge
  • Listen to stories together on our links
  • Work on Puzzles together – both online and hands-on

Welcome to “Ika Iti” or “Little Fish” . We are as the youngest class in the school and  located in the classroom next to the field which runs down to the Waihou  River.

Like a school of little fish everyone in “Ika iti” swims together in the same direction. We embrace the Key Competencies of the New Zealand Education Curriculum as we  focus on

  • Thinking
  • Relating to Others
  • Understanding Number and Text
  • Managing Self
  • Participating

We face new  challenges together, each in our own unique way but learn to work together as a team, show respect for each other and our individual differences and talents. 

Everyone is unique with their own special strengths and talents and when  everyone works together as a team “great things are achieved!” 

In 2020 we look forward to exciting new learning experiences as we…

  • Explore learning through play activities – through teacher provocation as well as led by the indivual’s own passions and interests
  • Make and create after exploring picture books together 
  • Learn to set goals for our own individual learning needs
  • Understand and use strategies to build skills in reading and numeracy skills
  • Explore Digital Technology through hands-on learning opportunities 
  •  Make new friends and feel part of a team through caring and sharing

We aim to build a strong sense of SELF  as we become aware of  who we are and what we are capable of  and to feel a strong sense of belonging as team “Ika iti”.

Turua 2020 School-Wide Focus


Term One:   Who Am I – who lives here and why the need for environmental awareness

Term Two:    Birds – Flying Far  – We can research on-line about different bird habits

  • Observe the birds who come to visit our gardens – sketch the bird and label the parts
  • Investigate the migration of birds  from Miranda Bird Hide on-line
  • Observe the change in season – collect autumn leaves, hug a tree, make rubbings of tree trunk and leaves with crayons


Te Ika iti of Turua School


We have started Term One with 14 children who are eager to engage with others and new challenges. Who are caring and kind and listen carefully to others. Who are growing in confidence as they find their voice and share their ideas with classmates and their teachers.

Our day begins before 9:00am as children begin to arrive at school soon after 8:30am and together we set up activities for daily learning “Through Play” activities. Learning through child led discovery and authentic learning experiences encourages decision making, problem solving, communication and negotiation skills.

The teacher has opportunities to provide ‘PROVOCATIONS’ to encourage talk about what is going on for the learner.  Providing a platform for early learning skills in reading, writing and maths. 

“Learning floats on a sea of Oral Language” 

Our Learning Goals are focused  on the concept  of  Tataiako – Key Competencies, relating to learning achievement and capabilities as outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum and our School Charter qs listed below:

Tangata Whenuatanga – Place-based, cultural awareness and learning

Ako – Practice in the classroom and beyond

Wanaungatanga – Building Positive Relationships

Manaakitanga – Values and virtues – integrity, sincerity, trust

Wananga – C0mmunication, problem solving, innovation

Getting on together, organising ourselves for learning and working cooperatively as a team form the foundation on which young children achieve and grow as capable , self-confident learners who are willing to TAKE ON NEW CHALLENGES AND “have a go”.

Class Notice Boardswimming

 Ika iti  is connected to an app called Class Dojo. 

This is our own sharing website and is accessible only to parents, whanau and students who are signed into Ika iti. The class teacher invites you to join via your email. Class Dojo enables messaging between individual parents and the teacher as well as a shared  page for class stories, photos and Individual Student Folders so you can access your own child’s work.

Just a reminder that our weekly Turua School Newsletter is also available on this website under the Homepage or clink on the link here.

If you have any concerns about your child’s well being or progress, please feel free to  Class Dojo or make an appointment to meet before or after school.

blowing-nose-clip-art-picture-DYCx33-clipartTissues for Class Use

Thank you for providing your child with tissues for class use. 

smiley reading  Our School Library         

Our library day is Tuesday and your child is able to take out 2 Books each week, for up to 2 weeks. Library books need to be returned within the 2 weeks so children can can take out 2 more new books. The Library Computer keeps a record of the books issued to each child and will not allow further  books to be issued until these are returned and scanned back into the system.

HouseHome Learning Expectations

Children in Ika iti can spend approximately 20 minutes each night reading their guided reader with you. Please complete the Kluwell Reading Journal with your child and keep this in their book bag to return to school daily. A weekly poem comes home on Friday for the weekend. Sight Words will come home as flash cards or word lists.

Please note that usually the same reader will come home for 2 or 3 nights to help your child become familiar with reading and enjoy the experience of rereading to gain confidence and fluency with a familiar text. 

Please Note:

If you or your child feels tired it is just as beneficial for you to read the story to them.                 

Learning Activities for you to use at home…

Maths   Click on this link to  NZ Maths Website  which provides many activities and games for you to work with your child at home.   Click on this link to Interactive Maths Games and Activities to play at home.  www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/3-5-years/counting  

http://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/index.html   ( Samples below)

Counting Cars        Counting Caterpillar

Abacus   Smoothie Maths

(More detail to be added as the term progresses)



  • You can read Sunshine Classic books on-line through clicking on this link:                                                                                                                                                                                www.sunshineclassics.co.nz

Your child can record themselves reading a book and work on a variety of word  building activities.





Brain Gym and Daily Fitness


(Click on this link to take you to a selection of activities we have been using on Blend Space)


In Class Spelling Programme (not Term 2)

The Wordlab Phonics spelling programme uses a structured  approach to spelling . We begin with learning all the letter names and the sounds they make within words. As we progress with recognition of letters and listening to their sounds, we begin to learn words.

When your child indicates readiness, sight word or spelling lists will be sent home as one word a day to spell aloud. As they progress, children are encouraged to copy and write each word and use word building activities.

This carefully structured process teaches patterns of words as well as words we just need to know (sight words) which support both reading and writing.