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Welcome to Patiki -The Room 7 Buccaneers !  I am very excited to be teaching the Year 1, 2 and 3  class this year and have lots of exciting learning opportunities and ideas in mind to make this a rich and memorable year for your child.


The Turua School Weekly Newsletters are now sent in an e-format. Don’t forget to check regularly each week to find out about what’s happening in the the school community in the way of News, Information and Upcoming Events.

If you have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing or progress, please feel free to email me anytime or have a word before or after school.

Room 7 also is connected to an app called Class Dojo. This is like our very own class Facebook and is accessible only to the Parents, Family and Students logo-purple-minof Room 6. The Class Dojo has a message facility (similar to messenger) That allows me to message parents individually. (See me to get connected)

At times we may need to make an appointment to discuss matters further.



There is a noticeboard on  window of the classroom by the door, which can be viewed from the outside.  I will update this as necessary and from time to time there will be sign-up sheets for things (such as sports events, etc.) that we need extra help for. Please read this regularly to keep informed on new things taking place at school.


It would be greatly appreciated if each child could bring in one box of tissues to donate to the class for use throughout the school year.


Our library day is Thursday. All library books need to be returned to the library each week so that your child can get new books out .


The school’s expectation is that children in the junior school will spend approximately 20 minutes each night on home learning.  In Room 7, this will include:

From Monday to Thursday, children will bring home a guided reading text (small book)  and Friday a poem to read with you.  Please complete the yellow reading journal with your child and keep it in their book bag.

A weekly spelling list from the Essential Word List to practise daily


Due to Turua’s Sun Smart School policy the Blue Turua School Hats are Compulsory during Terms 1 and 4. Students are required to wear these in order to play in the school playground and sunny areas of the school.  The students without school hats are rehatquired to play under the Sun Shade area outside Room 4.  Please remember to apply sunscreen before coming to school. There is a small amount of sunscreen available in the classroom for those that forget to Slip! Slop! Slap!

Dont forget to label hats preferably on the body of the hat as well as the tag.




Maths Websites and Links to Room 6 Classroom Maths 

Practise your Maths and Basic Facts at home !!      😀 😀  

NZ Maths Website


Basic Facts Practise

E Ako maths

Reading Websites and Links

Top Marks – Reading Skills Website