Nau Mai, Haere Mai!

Welcome to Ruma Kaitaki!  We are energetic and proud role models of Turua School who always fulfill our duties. Our kaiako are Mrs MacInnes and Miss Hayley. We are looking forward to working together and learning lots of exciting and new things in 2019!


The Turua School Weekly Newsletters are now sent in an e-format. Don’t forget to check regularly each week to find out about what’s happening in the the school community.

If you have any concerns about your child’s well being or progress, please feel free to email us anytime or have a word before or after school. At times we may need to make an appointment to discuss matters further –  


Kaitaki is connected to an app called SeeSaw. This is like our very own class Facebook and is accessible only to the Parents, Family and Students of Kaitaki.  SeeSaw has a message facility that allows us to message parents individually. (See us to get connected – it is important that all parents are connected)


Our library day is Monday. All library books need to be returned to the library each week so that your child can get new books out.


Spelling homework is given every Monday.

Reading every night is expected of Kaitaki students. 

A road safety homework booklet has been given out this term for students to complete and feed back to the teachers at their leisure – but needs to be completed by end of term. 

See the websites below for extended home learning activities



Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the changing of weather/seasons! 


Students can log into their Google Classroom and engage in other suitable websites there or use links below.


NZ Maths Website


Basic Facts Practise


TTS Universal – Read books online

Top Marks – Reading Skills Website

Practise Spelling Words

Write a Story


Kiwi Kids News


Listen to Stories Online NZ